New Study: TikTok Industry Engagement Benchmarks for 2022

With its new, game-changer vision of a video-exclusive social media platform and features like live sessions, Duets or Stitches, and many others, while also being the fastest growing network, TikTok has rapidly become the number one platform that has stolen people’s hearts.

Thanks to its tremendous marketing potential, having more and more businesses taking up the challenge, and starting to explore the platform, TikTok is now the place to be for any brand that wants to stand out from the crowd. 

Although Instagram has long been the king of social media engagement, in the present day, TikTok has changed that. By surpassing Instagram’s engagement with several percentages, TikTok became the most engaging social media platform in 2022. 

In their most recent study, the team from Socialinsider has discovered the nowadays’ average engagement rates for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, by analyzing more than 27 million social posts from all the platforms mentioned combined. 

Moving forward, we’ll cover the main discoveries.


1. TikTok engagement stats for 2022: TikTok has an average engagement rate of 5.95%

These days, more and more businesses are joining social media, as it has proven to be one of the most successful ways in gaining brand awareness. Moreover, social media marketing has become a must for every brand that wants to thrive in today’s more than ever digitalized environment. 

Therefore, with more and more brands joining the social media scene, the competition for gaining the user’s attention also becomes fiercer than ever. And reaching a satisfying engagement level turns into a bigger and bigger challenge.

Since TikTok is the social media platform of the moment, everyone is curious to know more about how the brands present there are performing, and about its potential and ability in driving engagement.

Even if TikTok has become the most engaging social media network for quite some time, overthrowing Instagram a while back, the beginning of 2022 has brought even more reasons for brands to start experimenting with content on the platform. 

While in 2022, TikTok has an average engagement rate of 5.96%, increasing by 14.26% compared to the previous year, all the other social media platforms considerably fall behind. 

Currently, Instagram’s engagement is still at a decent level, located at an average of 0.83%. On the other hand, Facebook fails in offering satisfying engagement levels, for now having an average of 0.13%, while Twitter’s average engagement rate reaches only a mere 0.05%.


This is a chart showing the average engagement rates for different social media platforms in 2022


Another important insight that was discovered when conducting this study was that last year Facebook and Instagram as well, had a pretty significant drop in engagement across all industries. 

This happening can be explained by both socio and economic factors that changed the current social sphere in different ways and by TikTok’s recent increase in engagement. 

In the end, it is only normal that once social media users have shifted their attention towards other platforms, a two-direction change occurs. Hence the engagement drops in the Instagram and Facebook engagement and the TikTok engagement increase.

All in all, as video content is said to be the future of social media marketing, there’s no surprise that a video-exclusive platform would take the reigns and rule in terms of engagement from now on.

2. Most engaging industries across all social media platforms

As just underlined the relationship between a platform’s propelled ascension and the other one’s roadblocks, a specific example would highlight it even more clearly.

While the travel industry is the most engaging one on Instagram, having an average engagement rate of 1.41%, it is one of the least performing ones on Facebook.

This chart shows what's the average engagement on Instagram in 2022.


This chart shows what's the average engagement rate for Instagram in 2022.


In Facebook’s case, in 2022 the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) industry holds the status of the most engaging industry, with an average engagement rate of 0.36%.


Here you can see a chart showing what's the average engagement rate on Instagram in 2022.



What’s most surprising is that brands from the FMCG sector scored a double win in 2022, being also the most engaging category on TikTok, with an average engagement rate of 15.82%. 

From the looks of it, brands within this industry have proven most successful in reaching younger audiences, as they succeeded in increasing their engagement on TikTok, up to a double amount.

In 2022, increasing engagement trends, up to double values compared to previous ones are also noticeable for the beverages, NGO, automotive, travel, and home-living industries.



This graphic shows what's the average engagement rate on TikTok in 2022


On Twitter, the biggest surprise came from the jewelry industry, which scored an average engagement rate of 0.18%. It is not only doubled compared to the previous year but actually almost four times higher than the network’s average engagement values.


In this chart is presented the average engagement rate on Twitter in 2022.


3. Twitter is the only platform that stands out in terms of content diversity

Since TikTok is a video-dedicated platform, there’s no point in talking about content diversity. 

However, when competing with TikTok, content diversity is an important pillar for other social media networks, as it is an aspect the algorithms consider when evaluating brands’ performance and engagement. 

Despite the many new features available and, therefore, many types of posts at their disposal, most brands still have an image-centered content strategy. 

For Facebook and Instagram altogether, the majority of brands’ social media posts – about 70% of consist of images. 

If these stats were applicable until last year in Twitter’s case as well, these days, it’s no longer the case, in 2022 being the social media platform with the most diversified content.

4. Posting frequency: TikTok VS. Twitter

According to data, it seems that on TikTok, most brands are still very cautious with their posting. Even industries going wild with the average number of posts per day on other platforms are taking things slow on TikTok.

While the media-house sector, for example, is the most active one on TikTok, posting on average one video per day, brands within the same category have an average posting frequency of five posts per day on Twitter, doubling its tweets over the last year. Across the board, this industry is one of the most active ones on all social platforms.

The analysis of both networks’ average engagement rates makes for a perfect example of how the user’s attention span is slowly decreasing over time.

Final thoughts

As the trends have predicted, short-form videos are here to stay, and for being the network that offers more content tailored towards the user’s preferences, TikTok gains the most when talking about social media engagement. 

Thus, with these fantastic TikTok engagement stats, more brands are expected to hop in and join the network in the near future. 

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