dark mode is rolling out to everyone

It’s finally happening: is getting a dark mode. What was once the domain of janky site-theming browser extensions can now be enabled right from the Google home page. An official post from the support forums says that dark mode in desktop Google Search is rolling out starting today and will reach every user “over the next few weeks.”

Whether or not you have dark mode right now depends on your Google account. I have the new mode on two of my four Google accounts (don’t ask), including both a personal account and a paid Google Workspace account. To enable the feature, head to the settings—on the home page, this page is linked in the bottom left, and on a search results page, it’s under the gear button in the top right. On the settings page—if dark mode has made it to your account—you’ll see a new “Appearance” section where you can turn on the style.

After turning on dark mode, you’ll get a quick theme switcher in the gear button, allowing you to easily jump between dark and light modes. The dark setting seems to work on all the sections, like news, shopping, books, images, etc.

If you don’t have an “Appearance” section in the settings, you don’t have dark mode yet. Keep waiting!

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