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Last week John, my ten-year-old, came home and announced that he wanted to check out the custom retail boxes at the mall. I was taken aback and inquired why. He showed me his project that required him to list the names of the products in custom retail boxes. The project’s objective was to make children aware of littering and its consequences.

The teachers wanted to make their students aware of products in custom retail packaging, which end up as trash on our planet. I thought it was a great idea. If the children are taught how to buy responsibly at this age, they will grow up thinking about our planet and the result of their actions upon it in everything they do. So I decided to drive John to the local departmental store. In other words, I knew this project would also help me learn a few things.

Custom Retail Packaging Boxes

John was required to note the custom retail packaging of products in the fresh bakery section. I was amazed to observe that every product came in custom boxes. It was the first time I made this observation. Moreover, I could only imagine the impact of our thoughtless buying on our planet. There were countless food-grade custom retail packaging boxes for croissants.

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The helper in the aisle told us that these were strictly food-grade boxes. These boxes ensure that the interaction of food and custom boxes does not produce harmful chemicals that can hurt food or humans. Most custom retail packaging boxes were crafted from cardboard in this section. The use of creative and branding themes on these custom retail packaging boxes differentiated them from each other. Different brands marked their products using elaborate offset printing techniques, elegant add-ons, and finishes.

Other than croissants, there were cardboard-based custom boxes for donuts, cupcakes, and cakes. Almost all these cardboard custom boxes came with a window patching feature. This feature allowed the customers to look at the products inside these boxes through a transparent plastic film positioned in the center of the lid. The size of the window varies according to the size of the product and its packaging.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

It is a great add-on for custom cardboard boxes, letting customers look at edible products without opening them. It helps minimize the human touch. Custom cardboard boxes are also as common as custom rigid boxes. There are countless cereal brands in the marketplace that use custom cereal boxes for packaging and marketing their products. However, the brands that make sugary cereals often target children. Moreover, their retail packaging boxes are kept at the eye level of the children on the shelves.

Brands today are switching to biodegradable custom-printed retail packaging boxes. These boxes can disintegrate on their own. They do not release gases or chemicals during their perishing process that can harm the environment or any living species. Moreover, it also helps to curb the issue of littering conveniently. There are many benefits of using a biodegradable custom box.

Biodegradable Packaging

It is crafted from recycled stock, which is cost-effective and very print-friendly. Biodegradable packaging is very sturdy and can give various dimensions and shapes. Even custom display boxes can manufacture from these stocks. Moreover, these boxes help display the products in a more accessible way to the customers and target audience. Most times, custom display boxes are used in tradeshows and exhibitions. They are also placed near the exit counters in the retails.

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Companies use custom cardboard packaging to cater to the packaging needs of their products. The packaging is primarily used to protect the products from any damaging element. But it is also a potential tool for catering to a brand’s marketing and promotional needs. Because of this, companies make sure to create powerful visual content for printing on these packaging boxes.

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